Sick of spammers

I’m trying out WordPress with OpenID and Akismet to see if it’s a better platform than phpBB3. The damn spammers have ruined the board…

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  1. ali-unwin says:


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  2. Dish says:

    Thumbs up for WordPress …
    In my experience of WordPress I find it excellent for plugins to do almost anything you want (the downside of which is time spent trying to work out which plugin is best out of dozens of choices). Also reassuring that it is constantly being updated
    Akismet has proven totally reliable for me at spam-stopping; OpenID seems a great idea too – and I had no problems using it here.

    I’ve just started trying out Open AudIT and very impressed so far, thanks ;-) … but not so impressed with trying to find info on phpBB system hence this encouragement to try something else… when you get time…

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